Mighty Mug: Quench Your Thirst without Any Spillage

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Mighty Mug: Quench Your Thirst without Any Spillage

Mighty Mug is a heavy-duty, air-locking travel mug that won’t spill, and you can now buy Mighty Mug products through our online store. With all the travel mug models available out there that claim they don’t spill (and actually do), why should anyone take our word for it? Just hear us out first.

Many of us have been in a situation where we’ve placed a hot mug of coffee in our car’s cup holder, only to find it splashing when we reach for it or when suddenly getting cut off at an intersection. This is where the Mighty Mug Go comes in. It’s a 473ml (also available in 532ml) vacuum-sealed mug that has been designed with smart grip technology. Meaning, you won’t have to worry about spillages in your car, at your desk, or when travelling.

Smartgrip technology? It’s simple. Just set your mug down on a flat surface and let the powerful airlock technology lock your mug into place. You’re probably thinking, “oh great, now it’s suctioned to the top of my desk!” The great news is; you won’t have to worry about playing a tug of war with gravity because it automatically releases without hassle when lifted up.

We’re not kidding about this. We’ve tried everything possible to try and tip the mug over and it just won’t do it. So why vacuum seal it then? Since Mighty Mug only suctions to a smooth, flat surface, the vacuum seal helps prevent us from spilling our beverages when we’re clumsy and drop things. As long as the lid is screwed on tight, we shouldn’t have a problem with spilling our hot beverage all over ourselves or anyone else.

What’s more, this “magical” mug is also vacuum insulated which means it can keep beverages hot or cold for long periods of time. As long as the lid is properly sealed and it is properly secured to a smooth, flat surface; it won’t leak, it won’t spill, it won’t tip over, and it keeps beverages hot or cold for extended periods of time. Don’t believe us? Buy one and test it out for yourself—make sure you follow the instructions for use first to avoid any accidents.

In addition to the travel mug model, Mighty Mug has also created a non-spill tumbler (in 592ml) complete with a straw called the Mighty Mug Ice. It also doesn’t tip or spill while keeping your cold summer beverage cold for hours on end. Leave the house with a cold smoothie and arrive to the office with a cold smoothie without worrying about spillage. Period. It really doesn’t get any better than this!

Oh but it does.

Mighty Mug also created a collection of unspillable barware. The line contains a whiskey glass (available for purchase now) as well as pint, beer, and wine glasses that will be available very soon. Imagine drinking wine or beer at a party and not ever having to worry about your guests spilling their drinks.

The only way to see if this is real or too good to be true is by visiting this page and choosing the model that might suit your thirst quenching needs best and test out the smartgrip technology and the many other features for yourself. When properly suctioned onto a smooth, flat surface, Mighty Mugs will not tip over no matter what!



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