Mini Universal Earthing Mat (Great for Office Chairs!)


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Multi-Purpose Mini Earthing Mat - an economical way to try earthing

The Mini Universal Earthing Mat is the easiest, most convenient way to start to feel the benefits of earthing. If you are hesitant to try earthing or have a limited budget but want to see what all the fuss is about - these handy mats are fantastic to have around.

This Multi-Purpose Earthing Mat is made from 100% carbonised rubber 

Why is this a good thing?

Carbon rubber is a carbon filled silicon rubber and is conductive throughout - not just on one side. This multi-purpose mat doesn't require a cover to work efficiently.

I use my mini earthing mat on my office chair as it is the perfect size. To use while travelling you can use the auto-pad cable, (optional) you can then take your mini-universal mat with when you when you travel. Great for in the car or can easily be used on a plane.

I've actually used my multi-purpose mini mat for acute pain in my lower back. I just shift it to the back of my office chair and lean on it as opposed to sit on. Within about 30 minutes the pain has eased. This brilliant little mat can also be used in bed either alongside an earthing sheet. or it can be used alone for an earthing experience.

The mini mat is great for general use in the office too. You can either rest it on the floor and put your feet on it, or place it on your desk and rest your arms on it while you type.

An earthing mat will help you to be earthed just as using a sheet. 

  • helps with concentration
  • increased energy levels
  • can help reduce stress
  • helps protect from low-frequency EMFs 
  • reduce inflammation and pain
  • improves blood circulation and heart rate variability
  • can help improve overall mood

You will be amazed at how refreshed you feel at the end of the day. Sorry we can't help the hours go faster or make your work day more enjoyable - but earthing sure can make the process of being at a desk all day - less painful!

To learn more about earthing, you can read a bit about it under some of the other earthing product pages or you can purchase Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Clinton Ober.

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