Beautiful Batches - Batches for Blokes Natural Deodorant


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Fair Trade
Vegan Friendly

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Beautiful Batches mens deodorant Batches for Blokes is full of natural ingredients and absolutely no nasties! 

Natural deodorant will not block your pores like antiperspirants do, so you will still sweat and that's healthy! The simple ingredients in these deodorants help to neutralise the bacteria on your skin that cause odour (on contact with sweat).

Ingredients: Raw shea butter,  organic coconut oil, arrowroot,  aluminium free bi carb and white cypress essential oil.  

White Cypress is an Australian essential oil that is very earthy and said to smell ' like the forest floor '

Beautiful Batches is a family business located in the little country town of Canungra in the Scenic Rim, Queensland.

Beautiful Batches began through their love of soapmaking and they have always used natural products in their home so creating soap with just plant using where possible local, fairtrade, organic, single origin, raw and homegrown ingredients. Some of the amazing suppliers are Earthyard, Paperbark co, Baraka Shea Butter Australia, Scenic Rim Olive Oil, Providence Farm, Blants and Austral Herbs. All of the ingredients used are the best quality, natural, simple, gentle and nourishing just how it used to be!  All of the products excluding the balms, solid perfumes and goats milk soaps are vegan friendly and they do not test on animals just family & friends! No palm oil is used in any of the products. 

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