Earthy Body
You Only Get One Body - So you need to look after it! Pretty simple, hey?

Earthy Body

Alaffia Body Lotion's
Based on traditional recipes and natural ingredients, the range of deeply moisturising Alaffia Fair Trade Body Lotions are a treat...
$ 19.95
Alaffia Hydrating Coconut Reishi Night Cream New
Alaffia Hydrating Coconut Reishi Night Cream
The most devine way to end a long day is with some self care - close your eyes and let...
$ 34.95
Alaffia Lip Balm
A luscious moisturising lip balm with Certified Fair Trade coconut oil and essential oils. What you put on your lips...
$ 4.95
Alaffia Purifying Coconut Reishi Facial Cleanser New
Alaffia Purifying Coconut Reishi Facial Cleanser
The perfect end to a busy day is with a little self care cleansing ritual - lather up and remove...
$ 24.95
Alaffia Shampoo's
For naturally shiny, luscious and sweet smelling hair you can't go past Alaffia's Fair Trade Shampoo range that gently washes...
$ 19.95
Biologika Organic Coconut Hand & Body Wash
Biologika knows that skin loves coconut oil and that's why they've enriched their hand and body wash with this wonderful...
$ 7.95
Biologika Organic Conditioner
Who doesn't want shiny, luscious, soft hair that smells like an island holiday? You don't have to book a trip...
$ 10.95
Biologika Organic Shampoo
Don't just wash your hair, deeply cleanse and nourish it with natural, organic ingredients that your hair and body craves...
$ 10.95
Gaia Natural Baby Bath & Body Wash
Bathe your baby in the nurturing goodness of natural, organic oils and make bath time a happy, relaxing ritual. GAIA...
$ 12.95
Gaia Natural Baby Bath Shampoo
No stinging eyes or itchy heads! GAIA Natural Baby Shampoo is a mild, soap-free and sulphate-free gel made of natural,...
$ 12.95
Gaia Natural Baby Hair & Body Wash
To get through the daily bath time ritual quickly and with minimal upsets Gaia has created a wonderfully convenient all-in-one...
$ 12.95
Gaia Natural Baby Sleeptime Bath Wash
Use natural essential oils to create a relaxing environment as part of your baby's bedtime routine. Gaia have created a...
$ 12.95