CLEARANCE - Hemp Tribe Hemp Nut Milk Bag - 100% Natural

CLEARANCE - Hemp Tribe Hemp Nut Milk Bag - 100% Natural


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There are now a whole heap of milk alternatives on the market now, sadly a lot of these have additives, which in my opinion defeats the purpose of trying to have a healthier alternative.

Hemp Tribe have developed a 100% natural hemp nut milk bag for squeezing out the milk from your nut or seed mixture.

Why Hemp?

Hemp fabric is resistant to bacteria, there are no dyes, bleaches, softeners or synthetics needed during the manufacturing process and hemp growing requires no added synthetic chemicals.

These hemp nut bag can be used for so much more than just nut milk, get creative with:-

  • milks
  • cheese
  • sauces
  • juices
  • teas
  • broths
  • and so the list goes on

Here is a link to our own Almond Milk recipe

 Product Ingredients:

  • 100% hemp fabric,
  • 100% cotton sewing threads and drawstring.


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