Earthy Body: Oral Care

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Copy of Dr Tung's - Tongue Cleaner (Stainless Steel)
$ 9.95
SPECIAL BONUS: Free travel pouch - made from bamboo viscose fiber.  Tongue Cleaning is the BEST remedy for bad breath,...
Dr Tung's - Tongue Cleaner (Copper)
$ 12.95
The BEST remedy for bad breath is now available in copper! Why copper? Copper is not only antibacterial but is...
Ecostore - Toothpaste
$ 7.00
For your smile Ecostores WHITENING TOOTHPASTE is designed to polish away stains while freshening breath and protecting gums, this toothpaste...
Go Bamboo - Bamboo Toothbrushes
$ 5.95
Bamboo is an effective, affordable alternative to plastic and it has many environmental benefits.  It is Biodegradable and Recyclable. Why...
My Magic Mud - Toothpaste
$ 19.95
My Magic Mud Toothpaste are Clinically Proven to be Safe & Effective. They can Whiten Teeth in 2 Weeks or...