Adzuki Beans
Adzuki Beans

Adzuki Beans

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Adzuki are a bean of Japanese origin and are grown throughout East Asia and the Himalayas. They are a small bean and are generally red in colour, although there are some blends that are white, grey and black.

Adzuki is generally used for sweet Asian desserts - this is where you see red bean paste. Red Bean desserts are usually made on adzuki bean, sugar and agar. They also can be sprouted and boiled to make a tea type drink.

I personally love red bean desserts they are squishy and jelly like and delicious. Now I know where they come from :-)

Some Asian cuisines use Adzuki to flavour ice-cream, or for fillings in pastry, waffles, buns and biscuits.

Adzuki are a good source of minerals 1 cup of cooked bean provide 4.6mg of Iron. This awesome little bean also has 119.6mg of magnesium, 1.223 g of potassium, 4 mg of zinc and 278 ug of folic acid! Add to this B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 and Calcium, Phosphorous and Sodium. Oh and also this awesome little bean contains 17.3gm of protein and 16.8g of dietary fibre. What a little champion.

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  • Adzuki (Red Bean): Australia
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