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Looking for accessories or replacement parts for your ALPS Water Filtration Unit? We've got you covered...

By comparison, Australian drinking water is viewed as clean, healthy and fresh. But what you may not know is that many harmful, dangerous and even toxic impurities can make their way into our tap water.

Studies have shown that even illicit drugs like MDMA or methamphetamine can be in the water we are giving to our children, our partners and ourselves. Over 35 chemicals are approved for use in our drinking water to attempt to make it safe to drink. This doesn’t make our water healthy – it makes our water a Petrie dish.

Chemicals such as ammonia, aluminium, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine are used in our water in an attempt to make it safe, while actually contributing to its toxicity.

The ALPS Water Filter is specifically designed to make your drinking water as safe, clean and healthy as possible, to give you the best possible chance at quality and longevity of life. By using a ten step gravity fed filtration system, you can rest assured that the ALPS Water Filter is providing you with water your body will love.

For replacement parts, simply choose the part you're after from the selection below to have your water filter in its best condition possible.  

  • ALPS Replacement Ceramic Dome - with Nano Silver Particales
  • ALPS Replacement Filter Cartridge - 6 Stage Filtration
  • ALPS Replacement Mineral Stones
  • ALPS Replacement Tap - With Magnetic Energiser


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