ALPS Water Filtration Unit (12L)


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This gravity fed water filtration unit has ten stage filtration, removing 99.9% of fluoride from your water.

With 50-75% of your body made up of water you want to ensure you're drinking the best quality water for the greatest health benefits and quality of life. Simply drinking from the tap won't cut it as there are numerous chemicals and toxins flowing out of your tap that are simply not healthy for you.

The 12 Litre ALPS Water Filter with its 10 Stage Filtration, has been purposefully designed to remove all types of contaminates that are inside your tap water, through a ten stage, gravity fed filtration system. Tests conducted by the Cairns Regional Council laboratories revealed that via the ALPS Water Filter system, there was almost no dectectable levels of sodium fluoride, nor any other toxic, dangerous and potentially harmful chemicals.

The ALPS Water Filter should be a staple in every home to ensure everyone is enjoying clean, healthy and tasty water by using a natural, easy to use, clean and maintain water filter.

The ALPS Water Filter uses these steps to ensure your drinking water is pristine.

  1. Dome Ceramic Filter with Silver Particle (0.2 micron) - this purifies the water from dust, rust, silt, sand and bacteria like typhoid, cholera and coliforms.
  2. Silver Activated Carbon - this ensures chemicals are absorbed and captures rust, dirt, chemicals, chlorine and silt.
  3. Zeolite - Zeolite absorbs harmful elements like fluoride, and softens water.
  4. Silica Sand - Silica helps to protect you from premature aging, Alzheimer's Disease, Cardiovascular Disease and encourages healthy bones and connective tissue. It also keeps the water fresh and cool.
  5. Mineral Sand - Restores necessary minerals that were extracted during the purification process.
  6. Ion Exchange Resin - This catches fluoride atoms and neutralises them to protect you and your family.
  7. Far Infra-Red Ceramic Balls - These raise the pH level to approximately 7.5 - 8.0 and softens the water.
  8. Mineral Stones with nano silver particles - this ensures the water is alkaline, mineralised, free of bacteria and viruses and remains fresh.
  9. Magnetic Water Faucet - This magnet assists in the restoration of the water's natural energy and micro clusters the water to give you the best hydration possible.

Simply replace your domes and cartridges every 6-9 months (approximately) and the mineral stones every 12-18 months (approximately) for healthy water that can help you to get the best quality of life.

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