Alter Eco Organic Classic Dark Truffles


$ 10.95
Certified Organic
Fair Trade
Contains Coconut

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What makes Alter Eco Certified Organic Classic Dark Truffles so good? Is it the creamy, silky smooth centre or the sweet, tantalising taste of the dark chocolate shell? Who cares really - it is just so good. The delicious centres are a perfect blend of cacao and the amazing super-food coconut oil to give a rich, melt in your mouth experience that will mean you simply can't stop at one. Once you've popped the first truffle into your mouth, you will be wondering how this tasty morsel can be good for you. That's right, it is made of real food; no chemicals, numbers or those icky things we see on far too many labels these days.

The pure organic coconut oil is sourced from India's Malabar Coast, where the farmer-owned coop practice a technique called 'jaiva krishi'. This farming technique ensures that the rainforest is respected - and almost appears untouched. Imagine a farming environment where animals, birds and wild elephants roam in unison with man. 

Alter Eco don't just want to produce great chocolate, they want to do their part in helping communities to grow and be self-reliant. That's why Certified Fair Trade ingredients are so important. 

Forget the 9 pack, go straight for the 60 pack and do your part to support those who don't want a hand out - just a hand up.

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Pure coconut Oil, cane sugar, cacao beans, coconut oil, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, caramel flavour, vanilla beans.

  • Cocoa: 53 % minimum
  • Organic Ingredients: 99.93%
  • Fair Trade Certified Ingredients: 97% 
  • Compostable Wrappers!

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