Alter Eco Organic Sea Salt Truffles


$ 10.95
Certified Organic
Fair Trade
Contains Coconut

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You know how sometimes, you want something sweet, but you also fancy something savoury? Alter Eco Organic Sea Salt Truffles satisfies both cravings. Imagine biting into a delicate little truffle to experience a sweet, salty crunch, followed by a smooth soft centre of mouth-watering deliciousness. 

You don't have to feel guilty about what you are putting in your body either - all natural, organic ingredients - real ingredients - no chemicals, no emulsifiers or numbers to taint your experience. There are only seven steps between start to chocolate. This ensures you are getting the most pure chocolate taste on offer.  

To add to that you are supporting communities by purchasing these Fair Trade chocolates.  Alter Eco are proud partners of FTAANZ (Fairtrade Association of Australia and New Zealand) and all products are certified to be Fair Trade through FLO-CERT. 

Just imagine sitting on the deck, drink in one hand and a bowl of truffles in the other - sounds like paradise to me. Why not pick up a 9 pack today - or go on, spoil yourself and get the 60 pack and make it a party.

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Pure coconut oil, cane sugar, cacao beans, coconut oil, cocoa butter, whole milk, sea salt (fleur de sel), natural flavours, vanilla beans.

  • Cocoa: 58 % minimum
  • Organic Ingredients: 98%
  • Fair Trade Certified Ingredients: 96%
  • Compostable Wrappers!

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