Certified Organic Matcha Tea Powder (Ceremonial Grade)

Certified Organic Matcha Tea Powder (Ceremonial Grade)


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Certified Organic

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I've only just been introduced to the wonders of Matcha Green Tea. It was suggested by my Naturopath to give this wonder tea a go. As I am, by nature, a curious sort, I wanted to know why this tea is better than other teas, and why, since taking it, I feel so much better.

Firstly, Matcha comes from the same plant that all true tea comes from - the Camellia Sinensis. From here the leaves can be made into several types of tea. Unfermented tea - that is steamed and dried, is our traditional green tea. Partially fermented tea becomes Oolong tea and fully fermented tea becomes what we know as black tea. 

So, how do we get Matcha?

The process is rather fascinating. About six weeks before the only harvest of the year, which usually occurs in May, the tea plants are covered to slowly decease the amount of light the plants are exposed to. The theory behind this is to increase the chlorophyll and amino acids in the new growth.

The two leaves at the tip of the new shoot are all that are used to create Matcha. These are steamed to preserve the colour and nutrients - it also stops the enzymatic action in the leaves. These leaves are then dried and then they are sorted into grades. Once the youngest, sweetest best leaves are dried, they are then destemmed and deveined. After this, I can only imagine, laboriously boring task. These little shoots are then kept in the fridge until ready to be ground in the powder we are familiar with, known as Matcha.

As you are actually drinking the leaves themselves you are getting a super dose of antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins.

And, this means.....

Polyphenols are photochemicals and they can help to fight cancer, protect your skin from UV radiation, fight free radicals, reduce the appearance of aging, promote brain health, reduce inflammation, support normal blood sugar levels, protect the cardiovascular system and promote normal blood pressure. 

Catechins - help reduce body fat!!!!

Matcha has become a superfood - you can make a delicious latte, add to your smoothies, put it in your favourite protein snacks. Why not try making your own Matcha tea icecream. To be honest, I think you are only limited by your imagination.

Why not get yourself a  bottle of Dr Superfoods Matcha Tea Powder, today.


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Certified Organic Matcha Tea Powder (ceremonial grade). 150g

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