Cinderella Coconut Bathroom Cleaner


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Sulphate Free
Contains Coconut

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Cinderella Coconut Bathroom Cleaner

Cleaning your bathroom is a chore most of us don't enjoy; but we do enjoy having a clean bathroom.  If you are like me, most bathroom cleaners are overwhelming to the senses and you are concerned about what those harsh chemicals and the fumes are doing to our bodies as we breathe in, or get it on our skin. You start to think - if I need to wear gloves, how can this be good for me? Then you wonder is a clean bathroom - but a potentially sick body - really worth it? Not to mention all those chemicals are going down the drain and hurting our environment.

If that sounds like you, then I know you're going to love Cinderella Coconut Bathroom cleaner!

Imagine being able to clean your bathroom safely and effectively, without nasty chemicals, and leave the room with the wonderful aroma of coconut. Cinderella Coconut Bathroom Cleaner doesn't just clean the surface either, it gets in and gets dirty so to speak! Soap scum - gone; lime or calcium build up - gone; streaks left - none!

This environmentally-friendly and refreshing bathroom cleaner is great for glass and is also highly effective on cleaning your tiles and porcelain too.

Pick up a bottle today and not only smell the difference, but see the difference. No longer will cleaning your bathroom cause you to second guess your health.

Just remember it's not recommended for unglazed marble or or limestone surfaces. 

Product Ingredients:

Water, Surfactants Sourced From Natural Renewable Resources, Fragrant Oils From Natural And Renewable Resources, Natural Acids Sourced From Fruits And Sugar Cane, Preservative

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