Cinderella Passionfruit Oven & BBQ Cleaner


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Cinderella Passionfruit Oven & BBQ Cleaner

Living in this great land, colloquially known, as Down Under, we love BBQs, we love getting out in the great outdoors and throwing a snag on the barbie, and sharing a cold one or two with friends. But! You ask any avid BBQ'er what they hate the most and they'll tell you - cleaning the ruddy thing! What about we move inside and think about cleaning the household oven - Yuk! So we often risk our health by putting our food in potentially harmful oven bags just to avoid that horrid job of cleaning. Grease up to your elbows, toxic fumes filling your nostrils, and you have to make sure you are covered head to toe so none of that caustic sludge touches your skin.

Take back your life - bring back the joy of cooking in your oven, or better still, letting hubby cook on the BBQ! Cinderella Super Fast Oven & BBQ Cleaner uses a combination of Bicarb and special plant based dissolvers which get in and attack that baked on grease and food - essentially dissolving it! You just wipe over and your oven and BBQ will smell fresh and fruity with a passionfruit aroma. Be careful though the smell might just make you hungry!

Product Ingredients:

Water, Surfactants Sourced From Natural Renewable Resources, Fragrant Oils From Natural And Renewable Resources, Preservative

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