Cinderella Pineapple Stain Remover


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Cinderella Pineapple Stain Remover

I don't know if I am the only clumsy person out there - but I find it is just after I have finished getting ready to go out that I inevitably spill something on myself. Just as I've finished getting ready and I go to clean my teeth - yes toothpaste plops onto my nice dress - of course it's a black dress so the blob is ever so visible. Or I go to put the dog outside and a wear a pair of muddy paw prints in my lap.  Or my favourite -  cleaning up after the kids at the end of a very long day and accidentally stand on an open tube of paint on the floor and it squirts across the carpet! Agh! Where is my Fairy God Mother?

Well maybe my Fairy God Mother won't appear, but I have the next best thing, Cinderella Pineapple Stain remover. I just spray it on the fresh spillage and with a damp cloth just lift off the stain. It couldn't be any easier. I love the fact that the Cinderella range of cleaners are environmentally friendly, are human friendly and are so fresh and delicious they smell almost good enough to eat.

Do yourself a favour and get your hands on the Cinderella range today and your health, home and Fairy God Mother will thank you for it.

Product Ingredients:

Water, Surfactants Sourced From Natural Renewable Resources, Fragrant Oils From Natural And Renewable Resources, Preservative

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