Cinderella Toilet Cleaner (Mint)


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Cinderella Toilet Cleaner (Mint)

One of the stinkiest jobs in the house is cleaning the toilet - thank goodness Cinderella Mint Toilet Cleaner smells awesome. We all know that the toilet is a place that harbours germs and cleaning it regularly is important, but how do you choose the right cleaner?

There are so many toilet cleaners out there in the market place, just turn on your TV, you can't get through a program without at least one toilet cleaning advert. This makes it really hard to know which one is best.  I always ask myself, if it kills germs, how do I stop it from hurting me. We are a biological creation and we are full of our own germs; millions of them we need for our everyday health. So when it comes to cleaning the smallest room in the house, I want to be sure that I am going to get the results I want without damaging my body or the environment.  Harsh chemicals may get the toilet germ free and clean - no one is denying that - I just want all of that without the worry.

Cinderella Mint Toilet Cleaner will clean, deodorise and eliminate the yuk germs in your toilet. 

Why not try Cinderella Toilet Cleaner (Mint) for yourself. While you are at it, have a look at the other products in the range and know that you are doing your part for your health and the environment's well-being.

Product Ingredients:

<5%nonionic surfactants, <5%amphoteric surfactants, <7% natural acids, preservative

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