Cinderella Zesty Fruit Glass & Steel Cleaner


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Sulphate Free

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Cinderella Zesty Fruit Glass & Steel Cleaner

If you've seen the range of Cinderella cleaning products you will note that they are all environmentally friendly, gentle on the skin and smell amazing.  One thing you may not know is what all Cinderalla cleaning products, including the Cinderella Zesty Fruit Glass & Steel Cleaner,  DON'T have!

 All products in this range DO NOT contain:

  • petroleum distillates
  • ammonia
  • chlorine
  • phosphates
  • butyl solvents

... all of which are harmful to the environment and to us!

Good cleaners that take care of us are hard to come by. We need to remember that we are a living organism and we have porous skin that will absorb chemicals in cleaners just as much as our favourite moisturiser. This means we have to choose carefully what we choose to clean our house with. 

Cinderella cleaning products understand this and so what they DO contain is a specially developed, pleasant smelling formula based on renewable resources, and are highly biodegradable, low irritant and competitively priced! 

So what else makes Cinderella Zesty Fruit Glass & Steel Cleaner so good - apart from the ingredients?

Well it cleans glass and steel without streaks! Just spray on, wipe off with a clean microfibre cloth or a good quality paper towel and voila - done! Once over is enough, you don't have to keep going over the same spot trying to get rid of those pesky streaks.

Check out the whole range today - you won't be disappointed.

Product Ingredients:

Water, Surfactants Sourced From Natural Renewable Resources, Fragrant Oils From Natural And Renewable Resources, Preservative

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