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It's tough in our modern world to keep on top of our health with so many external factors trying to bombard our body's system. Pollutants, cold and flu, fast food, not enough sleep, not enough fruit and veges and exercise becomes exer-what-now!

We live busy lifestyles and we get pressure from everywhere. Taking care of our bodies often becomes the last thing we think about - until we are sick!

Comvita understand that life is busy and people don't always have time to do the best thing for their health. So they have developed their Olive Leaf Extract one-a-day capsules for immune support. 

When you are busy and running around, you don't always realise that your body is missing the vital ingredients to keep you healthy. Ever noticed it is when you stop or slow down - especially when you go on holidays - you get sick?

Taking a one-a-day Olive Leaf Extract capsule may just be the thing that keeps your body happy and healthy, so when you do stop or take that long awaited break - your body is ready, supported and your immune system is strong so you can have a great time.

Remember, this product is a supplement is to support what your body may be lacking. If you are concerned about your health always seek medical advice.  

Comvita's range of Original Olive Leaf Extract offer you options for Antioxidant support, Immune SupportCardiovascular Support, and Olive Leaf Oral Spray.

Product Ingredients

  • Olive Leaf Extract.
  • Does not contain any added alcohol, sugar, yeast, artificial flavours, artificial colours or preservatives.

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