Earthing Plush Pad


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I have been using earthing products now for about two years and I can tell you first hand, these products have changed my life.

The plush pad is great for those who like the creature comforts and want to be a bit more snuggled in the cooler months.  

The earthing plush pad is 50 cm (20") by 75 cm (30") and made from unbleached cotton and silver thread on the conducting side and a soft polyester imitation suede on the other.  The plush pad is ideal for sitting on when on the lounge or you can use it behind your back. The most ideal way to use this plush pad is with bare skin touching the conductive side - but as we sweat through our clothes - you can wear your normal clothing, just be aware it will take 10-15mins for the earthing benefits to take effect. It is recommended to use an earthing product for a minimum of 30mins at a time - with bare skin directly on conductive side. This gives the body time to start reaping the rewards.  

Please note, earthing only works when you are earthing, so the longer you can earth at a time the more benefits you will receive. The most ideal, and by far the least participation on your behalf is to sleep on an earthing sheet.

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Please Note: Instructional video references US Standard Plugs/Adapters, however part ships with Australian Standard Plugs/Adapters.


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