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Earthing or Grounding is a term you may have heard recently - but what does it really mean?

In short it basically means to get your body back in touch with the earth so that the electrical energy from the earth can help your body to regulate itself and reduce inflammation in the body and bring the body back to a place of homeostasis (being in complete balance and harmony with itself). By being in homeostasis any ailments the body may be suffering can start to heal / restore the body to the way it functions at its optimum. The body was designed to heal itself.  

Due to our modern world where we are exposed to EMF, Radiation from our phones, electricity, poor diet etc etc. our body is fighting against these elements and struggles with the healing process without some assistance.

The concept behind earthing is to help you get back to the place where you allow the body to do what it does best - heal itself!

The earthing half sheet is connected to a single earthing cable which is plugged into the earthing socket in your household power point so that as you sleep your body is 'recharging' itself and 'discharging' the negative energy that we have stored during the day.  

To ensure you are only paying for what you use, the drop is 100% cotton and is deep enough for thick mattresses and those with additional cushion tops. The sheet itself is 100% cotton and woven with silver thread fibre to ensure you whole body is connected while you sleep.

I discovered earthing close to three years ago and my life has completely changed. I was to a point where I thought I would have to give up work as I simply could not get through my week without having my 'turns' which wiped me out for 24 hrs at a time. Since using earthing products - my life has completely changed. I am incredibly passionate about what earthing can do.

The beauty of the earthing sheets are - you go to bed - you sleep - you wake refreshed. Doesn't get any easier than that!

  Your Earthing Half Sheet Includes:

  • Half Sheet - suitable for all bed sizes - single to California king
  • Connection cord
  • Instruction Brochure
  • Adapter Plug (Australian Standard)

Earthing half sheets are easy to look after, they simply go on your bed, you sleep on them and then once a week wash in your washing machine in warm water.  Air drying is always the best option as to not damage the silver thread.


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