Heal Thy Self - Colon Cleanse

Heal Thy Self - Colon Cleanse


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A variety of health-related problems can arise if one is unable to have more than one or two bowel movements per day.

Disease-causing bacteria and viruses just love to thrive in all that accumulated, impacted debris and poisonous residues from your digestive tract. That’s why many say that “Death begins in the colon”.

Our 21st Century lifestyle is putting a tremendous strain on our bodies. There are many contributing factors including: improper diet and food combining, insufficient exercise, stress, overeating and ignoring the “call of nature.”

Of all the vital organs in the body, the one that suffers the most abuse from modern dietary habits is the colon. Our colons were intended by nature to function as smoothly flowing systems, in order to promptly absorb nutrition and flush digestive wastes from the body. The colon gets lined with layer upon layer of glue-like crud that can poison the bloodstream. The Egyptians referred to the colon as: A River of Life or a River of Death. They determined whether one has a body of life or a body of death by observing what floats down ones internal river (the colon).

Enhancing the colon’s ability to eliminate waste reduces the risk of developing illnesses and assists in promoting and maintaining good health.

Why do a colon cleanse?:-

Less Bloating - Helping your digestive system move along means less chance of food fermenting and causing gas in your tummy

Smoother Digestion - No more feeling ‘heavy’ after eating, feel your digestive system working in a smooth and optimal way

Clearer Mind - As above, so below. When you’re cleaner in your body, you feel clearer in your mind

Feel Lighter - Loose up to kilograms of comp acted waste that’s been stuck inside your colon

All Natural - All the ingredients are natural and high quality

So Quick & Easy - Just 1-2 scoops a day for a gentle ongoing cleanse, or go for the 4 day cleanse option for deep clean results


    • 1 x Colon Cleanse 400g Tub


    Colon Cleanse uses a recipe of whole foods that have been used for thousands of years to cleanse the digestive system naturally and gluten-free. The Colon Cleanse is a mixture of Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Psyllium, Bentonite Clay and Salt.

    Bentonite Clay has a very profound effect of absorbing chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, heavy toxic metals and other accumulated toxins from the body. The mix of fibres swells and help sweep out these toxins acting like a gentle scrubbing brush on the colon. It leeches these out of our bodies & into our colons and then binds with the fibre, therefore enabling our body to release the many different toxins out your backdoor

    WARNING: We recommend you contact a physician before starting any cleanse or new diet


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