Joco Reusable Glass Cups - 16oz (Large 473ml)

Joco Reusable Glass Cups - 16oz (Large 473ml)


$ 31.95

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JOCO create experience enhancing and eco-innovative, reusable drinking vessels – the smartest choice for people and planet. Crafted from leading knowledge and materials, Designed for a lifetime of use

Giving Back - Every JOCO purchase

JOCO is a proud partner of Take 3 For the Sea. Since 2017 their partnership with Take 3 has resulted in the removal of over 45,000 pieces of plastic from the environment. Plastic that was destined for the oceans. With the purchase of every JOCO cup you are not only adopting a real product solution by stopping the flow of plastic but you’re supporting the efforts of Take 3 to remove hazardous plastic from the environment. By expanding their partnership with Take 3 this year, your contribution will result in over 75,000 pieces of plastic removed from the environment.

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