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Karom Himalayan Salt is a spectacular source of all of the 84 elements that are found inside the human body. This means it has endless benefits to your health.


  • Encourages Respiratory health

  • Encourages healthy pH balance in your cells, especially your brain cells

  • Water content regulation in your body

  • Aids your libido

  • Encourages healthy blood sugar

  • Helps to reduce the tell-tale signs of aging

  • Encourages sinus health

  • Regulates your blood pressure when assisted by water

  • Helps to generate hydroelectric energy cells in the body

  • Assists in the prevention of muscle cramps

  • Encourages bone strength

  • Helps food particles to be absorbed in your intestines

  • Helps to regulate your sleep

  • Encourages vascular health

Karom Himalayan Salt gives you your choice of granular, fine, crystal or chunky forms in 250g to 1kg bags. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Nut Free, Karom Himalayan Salt is a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional table salt, which can kill living and good bacteria in the body as well as cause excessive thirst. Interfering with the absorption of water in the body, normal table salt can cause constipation and even lead to a build-up of toxins in your intestines.

Himalayan Salt is the perfect substitute, supplying the bloodstream with complete electrolyte replenishment.

Karom Himalayan Salt also comes in a convenient Grinder.

100% Himalyan Salt: Your choice of granular, fine, crystal or chunky forms in 250g to 1kg bags

Ingredients: 100% Himalyan Salt


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