Karom Himalayan Salt Grinder (125g)


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Dairy Free
Gluten Free

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Himalayan Salt contains all of the 84 elements that are found in the human body, ensuring its benefits to your health are countless.


  • Water content regulation in your body

  • Encourages healthy pH balance in your cells, especially your brain cells

  • Encourages healthy blood sugar

  • Helps to reduce the tell-tale signs of aging

  • Helps to generate hydroelectric energy cells in the body

  • Helps food particles to be absorbed in your intestines

  • Encourages respiratory health

  • Encourages sinus health

  • Assists in the prevention of muscle cramps

  • Encourages bone strength

  • Helps to regulate your sleep

  • Aids your libido

  • Encourages vascular health

  • Regulates your blood pressure when assisted by water

The uses for this amazing salt are wide. Blocks of Himalayan Salt are used as serving dishes, and can be heated slowly to 204 degrees Celsius to be used as a cooking surface. Himalayan Salt can be used to preserve foods like fish and meat, but is often used in cooking, in the place of the less healthy alternative of table salt. Containing a full spectrum of trace minerals, Himalayan Salt provides the bloodstream with complete electrolyte replenishment.

Karom Himalayan Salt comes in a convenient grinder, filled with 3.5 millimetre rocks of salt. The glass grinder is glass and refillable, with a two stage grinder to give fine or coarse salt.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, Karom Himalayan Salt is Gluten Free, Nut Free, and Dairy Free.

Ingredients: 100% Himalyan Salt


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