Karom Himalayan Salt Lamp - Light Bulbs (5 Pack)


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Karom has a range of Himalayan Salt Lamps that can brighten and cleanse your home, while creating a tranquil and calm atmosphere. Designed to attract moisture and humidity that is suspended in the air, the Karom Himalayan Salt Lamps remove the water molecules from the air and allow negative ions to be emitted freely. These negative ions then attach to airborne particles, like mould spores, dust, viruses and bacteria. If such things are breathed in, it can be harmful and potentially toxic to you and your family. For your peace of mind, the negative ions emitted by the Karom Himalayan Salt Lamp can cause these particulates to cluster together, then fall to the ground, leaving the air you breathe clean and clear so that you and your family can breathe deep without concern.

But what happens when the bulbs blow? Karom has a pack of five Himalayan Salt Lamp Bulbs. These bulbs are designed with the perfect Edison screw to ensure you won’t have to be without your Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Simply replace the bulb, plug the cord of the Himalayan Salt Lamp into the wall, flick the switch and feel the difference in each and every room that a Karom Himalayan Salt Lamp is placed in.

Karom Replacement Lightbulbs (5 Pack) suitable for Karom Himalayan Salt Lamps (Edison Screw)

These bulbs are responsible for properly heating the Himalayan Salt to produce the air purifying effect achieved by the Karom Himalayan Salt Lamps.


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