Monica's Mixes Gluten Free Flour Blend


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Monica’s Mixes Gluten Free Flour Blend is made up of 100% Organic Flours, the combination of which ensures that this delicious and easy to use Gluten Free Flour Blend acts just like regular flour! You don’t have to worry about adding extra ingredients, or substituting with your Gluten Free cooking anymore if you use Monica’s Mixes Gluten Free Flour Blend. It’s not made up of mostly starches like many other gluten free flours mixes are, which often leave you feeling bloated, unwell or heavy. Monica’s Mixes Gluten Free Flour Blend is designed for people who want nutrient dense, high fibre ingredients in their everyday cooking. It’s so simple to use, it’s easy to forget you’re using Gluten Free Flour! All the taste, without the hassle! 

Monica’s Mixes were created and designed by Sunshine Coast Chef Monica Topliss, who herself has struggled with Gluten Intolerance. No longer do you have to worry about your Gluten Free foods tasting starchy, or falling to pieces. With Monica’s Mixes Gluten Free Flour Blend, you’ll feel invigorated in the kitchen and your passion for food will be reignited.   

Product Ingredients: 

Organic tapioca flour, organic brown rice flour, organic sorghum flour, organic quinoa flour, organic golden flax meal, organic psyllium.


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