NECTA Pure Maple Water


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Certified Organic
Dairy Free
Gluten Free

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Taste the naturally refreshing and hydrating sweet delight straight from a pure, natural source - Necta Pure Maple Water.

It is simply pure maple sap - nothing added and nothing removed - and it's incredible.

Harvested once a year at springtime in Quebec from forests free from any pollutant, this product is naturally free of pesticides and fertilisers. To maintain it's freshness and unique flavour the sap is harvested and packed within 48 hours (as you can imagine it's super busy in Spring in Quebec!).

The natural maple produces a pure and crystalline sap and for each tree, only an amount that does not interfere with the tree's development is collected. Necta ensure that their source is sustainable and that their process is respectful of the forest.

As the sap naturally awakens the tree at springtime, when you drink the pure maple water you can feel refreshed and hydrated which is perfect during or after exercise. With its in-built electrolytes and its natural sugars, drinking pure maple water makes you feel revitalized and your body re-balanced.

  • 1/2 the sugar of Coconut Water
  • 100% pure organic maple water
  • Sustainable practice
  • Vegetarian
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free

Purchase a 12x 500ml carton and get refreshed, naturally!


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