Niulife Organic Coconut Sweet Chilli Sauce


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Certified Organic
Dairy Free
Fair Trade
Gluten Free
Contains Coconut

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I love sweet chilli sauce, but I hate the sugar content. Now I don't have to worry. This delicious, organic chilli sauce is made from coconut blossom nectar and Bird's eye chilli, for that spicy kick.  

I use this in my stir-frys for that sweet little chilli zing. But you can use it in any dish to give it that delicate Asian flavour. 

When you are making fried rice and you would normally add the Niulife Coconut Amino Sauce, your soy sauce alternative, consider using the sweet chilli sauce instead to spice it up a little.

  • Vegetarian
  • Fair Dinkum Fair Trade
  • Dairy Free
  • Certified Organic Coconut
Turn any steak into a masterpiece by splashing some Niulife Organic Coconut Sweet Chilli Sauce on your favourite cut of meat during final few minutes of grilling and it will cook right into the meat. To fully embrace the chilli surprise serve plenty of sauce on the side for dipping.

Product Ingredients

Coconut Vinegar, Bird's Eye Chili, Garlic, Garlic Powder and mineral-rich sea salt.


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