Nut Milk Bag

Nut Milk Bag


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Living Synergy Nut Milk Bags are a fine mesh bag with a draw string to make the process of squeezing out your nut milks a breeze.

You can use the Nut Milk Bag for nuts and seeds after they have been through the blender, the bag is also handy for straining fruits after you have blended them. Great for creating your smoothies at home.

The nut bag comes with colour instructions and a recipe booklet.  We have also added an Almond and Coconut milk recipe to our website for you. 

The bags are durable and long wearing. This handy little bag makes the process of producing your own milk alternatives a little easier. 

Once you have made your milk alternative, you use it as you would cow's milk

  • Smoothies
  • over cereal
  • in your coffee / tea / chai - it is amazing with a chai latte - just saying :-)
  • You can blend up veges and strain to create soup
  • or blend up fruits if you don't want the pulp - I'd still try and use the pulp - it's the best part
  • Your own milk means no preservatives, additives, or artificial anything
  • The bag is easy care - simply turn out pulp and rinse. You can rub a bit of detergent into it and rinse out and you're done!

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