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Gluten Free
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Tigernuts are not actually nuts but tubers that grow beneath the earth. Growing beneath the surface of open flood plains, the tubers are carefully extracted, cleaned and dried naturally and slowly. The raw tigernuts are then peeled and rolled into crumbly flakes. Known as "earth almonds", tigernuts are naturally grain free and have a chewy texture and a natural sweet nutty flavour similar to an almond.

Good for you, good for the planet

Crumbled Tigernuts are highly nutritious and a delicious source of dietary fibre, vitamin E and potassium. Dietary fibre is important for digestive health, Vitamin E contributes to cell protection from free radical damage and potassium is necessary for healthy electrolyte balance and muscle function.
Our tigernuts are organically grown and sustainably harvested by farmers in Burkina Faso, Africa. Creating economic opportunities in an otherwise unproductive land, our fair trade Crumbled Tigernuts provide positive outcomes for small-scale farmers through economic and social empowerment.

Ways to enjoy 

Crumbled Tigernuts are a delicious grain free alternative to oats, perfect as a base for homemade muesli and granola, sprinkled on yoghurt or smoothie bowls, in baked treats, added to soups, or for a nutritious pop of flavour and texture in salads. They can also be pan roasted for sweet and savoury dishes or used for making tigernut milk or ice cream. This nutritious ingredient can also be added to smoothies and raw treats to boost digestive health.

Origins of tigernuts

Ancient African and Egyptian civilisations have used tigernuts for centuries, prizing these tubers for their healing and regenerative properties. Evidence suggests tigernuts were included in the human diet since the paleo era. They’re consumed across Africa, while the Spanish use tigernuts to make their favourite drink: horchata de chufa.

Product Ingredients:-

Certified Organic Skinned Tigernut crumble (Cyperus Esculentus).

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