Power Super Foods - Maca Smoothie


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Certified Organic
Dairy Free
Fair Trade
Gluten Free
Vegan Friendly

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Maca smoothie is a 50:50 blend of our delicious organic fairly traded maca and cacao powders.

Good for you, good for the planet

Fairly traded and sustainably harvested, Maca Smoothie helps create a wave of positive outcomes for small-scale Peruvian farmers through economic and social empowerment, whilst encouraging biodiversity conservation. Maca Smoothie is a great source of fibre and potassium. Maca is also a known adaptogen helping us 'adapt' in times of stress and fatigue.

Ways to enjoy

Mix into your smoothie, yoghurt or cereal for a boost of nutrition and sustained energy. Maca Smoothie can also be added to your healthy treat creations or blended with your favourite milk to create a warming drink.

Origins of maca and cacao

Maca is a tuber related to the brassica family including kale and broccoli and has been traditionally enjoyed by Peruvians for virility, energy and vitality. Maca thrives at soaring altitudes of up to 4,500 metres only in the central Andes of Peru against harsh environmental conditions.

Cacao is derived from the seeds of Theobroma Cacao tree, native to the equatorial regions of South America and prized by ancient Mayan civilisations for its ability to promote energy and mental clarity.

Product Ingredients:-

Certifed Organic Maca Powder (Lepidium Meyenii) 50%, Certifed Organic Cacao Powder (Theobroma Cacao, Criollo) 50%.

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