RAW Greens Powder with Organic Veggies, Grasses & Herbs


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Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Organic Ingredients
Vegan Friendly

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Amazonia’s RAW Greens Powder with Organic Veggies, Grasses and Herbs is the most comprehensive green-specific formula available today. Containing nutrient filled green sprouts, leaves, juices, grasses, herbs, natural seal minerals and algae, this RAW powder is free from dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, GMOs, nuts, and anything that’s artificial. Amazonia’s RAW Greens Powder with Organic Veggies, Grasses and Herbs contains live bio-available ingredients and is alkalising and Vegan.

Simply mix 10 grams, or two heaps teaspoons, into 300mL of water, almond milk, rice milk, oat milk, soy milk, smoothie or natural juice, every day to be feeling your best. For the best results, you can even take up to 40grams daily.


  • RAW, NATURAL GREEN ALGAE BLEND (Natural Sea Mineral Complex, algae powder [74 trace minerals] , Organic Spirulina, algae powder, Organic Chlorella, algae powder),
  • RAW, SPROUTED GREEN VEGETABLE AND GRASSES BLEND (Organic Alfalfa Grass, sprout powder F.D., Organic Wheatgrass, sprout juice powder F.D., Organic Barley Grass, sprout juice powder F.D., Organic Quinoa, sprout powder F.D., Organic Amaranth, sprout powder F.D., Organic Green Apple, fruit powder F.D., Organic Broccoli, sprout powder F.D., Organic Jerusalem Artichoke),
  • TRACE MINERAL COMPLEX (ALGAE DERIVED) (Natural Sea Mineral Complex, algae powder, [74 trace minerals] ),
  • RAW LEAFY GREEN BLEND (Organic Nettle, leaf powder, Organic Parsley, leaf powder, Organic Spinach, leaf powder F.D., Organic Kale, leaf powder F.D., Organic Rosemary, leaf powder),
  • ALKALISING HERBAL BLEND (Lemon, juice powder, Organic Nopal, cladode powder, Dandelion, herbal extract powder, Milk Thistle, herbal extract powder, Natural Vanilla Flavour [Vanilla ext.] , Natural Native Mint Flavour, Stevia, leaf extract powder).
F.D.: freeze dried

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