Stereo Air Tube Headphones with Microphone


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Stereo Air Tube Headphones with Microphone to reduce your exposure to mobile phone electromagnetic radiation (EMR) by up to 99%

Mobile phones are used more and more in today’s society. However, the radiation emitted by the simple mobile can have devastating effects on your health. Studies have linked mobile phone usage to headaches and even cancer. A way to get around this threat, while still using a mobile phone is to use headphones. However, traditional headphones are normally setup with the speaker next to, on, or even in your ears which puts the source of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR) and any radiation traveling up the wires at extremely close proximity to your brain.

Stereo Air Tube Headphones connect the speakers to hollow 18cm tubes which then connect to the ear buds so sound is delivered through the air in the tubes to your ears with almost no EMR. This allows for the speakers and wires to be a safe distance from your head.

Benefits of the Stereo Air Tube Headphones

  • Provides you with safe use of headphones, for music or phone calls

  • Gives crystal clear sound quality

  • The inbuilt microphone allows this to be used for a hands-free headset for mobile phones, ensuring you don’t have to have your phone up to your ear.

  • Multi function button for answer and hanging up calls

The 3.5mm jack fits most phones, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, and most other phones.

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