THE WHOLE FOODIES Honey (Wild Crafted)

THE WHOLE FOODIES Honey (Wild Crafted)


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Honey is extremely powerful. Often overlooked, seen simply as an addition to ones toast for breakfast, the humble drop of honey contains powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Honey has curative effects during the common cold, can reduce the chances of getting cancer, is anti-fungal and can even increase athletic performance. Not only that, but it goings swimmingly with peanut butter, in your tea, as an addition to your cooking or even as a topping on your cereal.

The Whole Foodies Honey (Wild Crafted) contains only Raw, Wild Crafted, Australian Honey. Though honey contains simple sugars, rest assured it’s much healthier for you than white sugars, and can’t even be compared to artificial sweeteners. The perfected balance of fructose and glucose inside each drop means that honey actually assists the body in regulating its blood sugars levels.

Honey can also act as a probiotic and can help strengthen your immune system. It can even assist in healing burns and wounds if applied externally.

The Whole Foodies company specializes in making delicious, healthy foods for you and your family. Their range of honey is a raw and natural, sourced from Australia, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality.

Product Ingredients:

Raw, Wild Crafted, Australian Honey (Not available in WA)

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