Heal Thy Self Enema Kit

Heal Thy Self Enema Kit


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Gluten Free
Organic Ingredients

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The colon carries out 2 vital functions that are so important to a healthy digestive system:

  1. It collects and removes waste and toxins from the body, and
  2. It absorbs water and nutrients from our food before releasing it into the blood stream.
Enemas are a great way to flush out waste deposits that may have accumulated for years. This not only takes a burden off your colon, it helps to reduce strain placed on the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and even your skin as they all work to expel toxins.
An accumulation of waste and toxins can interfere with the body’s metabolism, so you may even experience higher energy levels and increased weight loss as a result. If you’ve been feeling heavy or sluggish, it could be time for an internal flush.
Benefits include:
√    Improved circulation, energy boosts and insomnia relief
√    Improved concentration
√    Perfect start to a weight loss program
√    Clearer and fresher skin
√    May help maintain regular bowel movements
√    Help in detoxifying the body and supporting the lymphatic system
√    May lower the risk of colon cancer by ridding the body of harmful toxins
√    May help strengthened immune system

We make it easy with our superior home enema kit.

What you get:
  • Durable silicone fountain-style enema bag with 2L capacity
  • Flexible silicone tube (30cm in length) and nozzle
  • Easy to hang hook
  • Flow-control clamp
  • Heal Thy Self Fabric Storage Bag
  • Instruction guide
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Commonly used recipes

Included with the kit is an easy to follow home reference guide for use and cleaning, as well as a few different ‘recipes’ to try out.

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