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Ever been to a party and the hands started talking as much as your mouth and whoops your glass ends up flying across the room? You then hear the catch cry 'times up - call him a cab!' Embarrassing right!

Or you've just sat down with a cold one, your glass is nicely tucked on the deck beside you and the kids come running around the corner and kick your favourite drink all over the floor? I can hear you inwardly groaning now!

The Mighty Mug Barware is designed with these things in mind.

This range of Barware is the world's first anti-topple barware, made from Crystal Clear unbreakable Tritan plastic. The 100% BPA Free glasses have the patented Smartgrip Technology built into the base. This technology simply means it will grip to any smooth and solid surface. It won't spill or knock BUT, you simply lift it to have a drink. It's almost like a magic trick. I had watched the videos and thought 'what's the catch' I ordered the glasses in and have tested them myself and I think I have found my latest toy - they just won't tip over! 

So, rest easy you can sip your drink at your desk and not worry about it tipping onto your computer keyboard. You can be as vocal with your hands as you like at your next dinner party without fear that your wine glass is going to paint the carpet a new shade of red. And your favourite spot on your deck - just became your oasis again - sorry can't do anything about the noise from the kids though :-D

Made from Crystal Clear Tritan Plastic (Unbreakable). 100% BPA Free and top shelf dishwasher safe.

Includes: Set of 2 glasses

Please Note: Whiskey Glass configuration available now. Pint, Beer and Wine Glasses Coming Soon. Want them now? Contact us!

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