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The Mighty Mug Ice is the best invention ever for keeping your summer drinks cool. These tumblers will also help keep pests out of your drinks on those long, hot days, due to the flip top lid and straw. Oh, did I mention that they are made out of super-tough Tritan plastic. Meaning that they are the perfect drink receptacle to accompany our summer lifestyle. These colourful mugs are available in summer blue and lilac. Think about filling your picnic baskets with these handy drink bottles.

What makes this the best invention? The patented Smartgrip technology prevents your tumbler from being knocked or spilled!

What is Smartgrip, I hear you ask? It's an incredible airlock design that prevents the mug from tipping or falling over, yet somehow allows you to pick up the mug as you would any other glass, mug or tumbler. 

Imagine summer evening BBQ's with friends, the kids are running around, in and out of the tables and chairs - bound to be sure - a glass is going to go flying, along with your ice cold drink. Not anymore, the Mighty Mug Ice to the rescue. They will stay exactly where you put them.

Drink accidents are a thing of the past. Put these on the Christmas wish list now and enjoy your summer functions knowing that at least your drinks will be cool and will stay upright:

  • Keeps your drinks chilled with Double Wall Constructed Mighty Mug Ice 
  • Resisting Accidental Spills with powerful Smartgrip Airlock Design
  • Pressure is instantly normalized when lifting naturally
  • 20 oz. capacity mug
  • Constructed of durable Tritan plastic
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe

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