5 Incredible Ways Coconut Oil Helps with Weight Loss

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5 Incredible Ways Coconut Oil Helps with Weight Loss

The benefits of using coconut oil literally seems endless. From skin and body care to memory function and weight loss, this amazing oil never ceases to amaze the natural health world. Specifically, organic virgin coconut oil provides several health benefits and actually has a direct effect on the body’s ability to shed those pesky pounds.

Check out these 5 incredible ways coconut oil can help with your weight loss goals:

  1. Revs up Your Energy Levels & Metabolism

Coconut oil is made up of mostly the medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) lauric acid, a fatty acid that metabolizes much differently when compared with saturated fats, like the ones found in most dairy and meat products. The wonderful thing about MCT is, the body does not store it as fat and actually transports them straight to your liver where MCTs are immediately turned into energy.

What does all of this mean for your weight loss goals? Coconut oil can boost your daily energy levels by approximately 5% for an entire 24-hour period when taken in the morning! Just add two to three tablespoons to your daily diet.

  1. Curbs Hunger and Cravings

We’ve already talked about MCTs and how they go directly to the liver when digesting them, but in addition to this, when your body processes MCTs; it also forms keytone bodies which reduces hunger and cravings. The result is, you’ll lose weight faster. Take two to three servings a day to help you feel full faster and to kick your snacking habit.

  1. Burns Fat Much Faster

Coconut oil enhances your body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients and the nice thing about this (other than the obvious), is you have the go ahead to eat less without feeling weak and tired. It’s also a natural mood elevator and is known to help people feel less stressed and feel more motivated to take part in more cardiovascular activities which in turn, helps you to burn off those stubborn and persistent fat stores much faster.

  1. Balances Hormones

If you do not have the right building blocks—namely fatty acids—your body cannot properly synthesize your hormones, which are needed to regulate your mood, thyroid, digestion, sex drive, and your metabolism. The MCTs in coconut oil help the body convert cholesterol in your blood stream into the sterone, pregnenolone. This is one of the main precursors for hormone production.

What does all of this mean in a (coco)nutshell? Coconut oil helps you produce healthy hormones so your body can increase energy, improve digestion, reduce anxiety and stress, increase energy levels, and helps you burn fat stores from your waist, buttocks, and thighs.

  1. Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Since coconut oil absorbs quite easily without the use or need for digestive enzymes, the pancreas will be less stressed and can produce insulin much more efficiently. Since it’s a saturated fat, this seemingly magical oil also makes it much easier for the body’s cells to bind with insulin during the digestion process. When your body has enough insulin, your body’s cells get the glucose (or blood sugar) they require to help fuel your daily activities.

What does this mean for your weight loss efforts? Just one to two tablespoons each day will actually help your body maintain more stable blood sugar levels because it promotes an efficient insulin production.

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