About Earthy Living

Gosh, writing about yourself is hard. I know you want to know who we are, so you can put your faith in us so, if you'll bare with me, I will do my best to share who we are and why we are doing what we are doing with Earthy Living.

Earthy Living is a part of a multi-faceted business model. Each member of our team have their strengths and weaknesses and we have combined on our strengths to try and bring you the best Healthy Lifestyle online store we can.

Kerrilee Burkhardt

John Burkhardt

Adam Ithiel

In addition to Earthy Living, we each run our own businesses under the common banner of theProduct - where we help business delivers their product and make it theProduct. Every person (and business) deserves to be the best they can be; that's what we strive to help you achieve.

True to form, Kerrilee runs Empowering theProduct (Kinesiology & Health Coach), John runs Insuring theProduct (Business Insurance) and Adam runs Marketing theProduct (Web Design)

So I guess that brings me to the 'why' we do this.

I (Kerrilee) have suffered for more years than I care to remember with heavy metal poisoning in my brain: this is not curable... yet! But a healthy lifestyle, exercise and rest go a long way to keep my condition manageable.

I guess with many professionals and business owners, we start out with our own purposes in mind - we either love what we do or are good at it and want to see if we can earn a living out of it. 

For me, I was tired of spending a lot of money on trying to eat healthy and have 'safe' products in my home. We are not just what we eat, we are also what we breathe in and surround ourselves with.

So we've slowly, and I mean slowly been building together a product range of items that we personally use, or have researched or believe in the brand. We have sourced products that are more than just 'clean' or 'healthy' or 'organic' - we have filled our website with products that have a story. Stories of communities helping each other out, boutique suppliers who are so passionate about their range of products - they only have 3 or a dozen - all up!

We are passionate about helping people reach their best and we also want to share Earthy Living with you - as part of the Earthy Living family. This means your feedback on our product range - your likes, your dislikes, any information you may have to better our choices. What products you'd like to see.

We may have started this, for our own needs - but in truth - you are here because your needs are the same. So we want you to feel that this is your store, your safe place to shop.

We have aimed to make the website easy to navigate, informative, not pushy, clean and inviting - somewhere you can shop and feel relaxed. My aim was to ensure that while you were perusing our site you could sit, relax with your favourite tea or coffee, have a little mood music in the background and shop. Knowing that we are here, ready to process your order and get to you your order as quickly and efficiently as we can.

We are located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia - and yes it is as perfect as it sounds. We have been business owners since 2007 and have, I guess ultimately working towards this goal.

Earthy Living is a new kid on the block, we have only been established as an online store since November 2015 - but our predecessor Food by Nature has been trading since 2011 and my other passion WhatisEarthing.com.au has been established since 2014. 

Earthy LivingWe are real people and we love what we do - we wanted to share our passion for a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Feel free to drop us a line [email protected] - there are various connect points throughout this website for you to ask us a question or request a product.

If you are the 'I want to hear a real voice' kind of person, you can call us on 07 5313 7750 and have a chat.

Of course, if just getting onto an online store has been enough for you and you are still a fan of the hand written word, you can always drop us a line the old fashioned way by sending any correspondence to PO Box 240, Buddina, Qld 4575.

Yours in Health,