About Earthy Living

We embarked on our journey several years ago after witnessing a number of people close to us fight serious illness, not once, but a number of times. We have witnessed and experienced traditional mainstream treatments and watched in amazement the wonders of the holistic and natural approach.   


This sparked something inside us, a search for something better, another way to live our lives and to set a better example for our kids and those close to us. We truly believe that many of today’s health related issues could be healed naturally nor would exist with a more natural lifestyle. We continually had the unconscious, and unanswered, question that with the increase of natural disasters resulting from mankind’s constant taking from the earth, only to be replaced with artificial measures………could this not be the same about the human body?   


We live and conduct our lives by the 4 P’s People, Passion, Planet and Product.


We have a genuine love for People and live our life with Passion, we love exploring the Planet and have a rule of eating (or drinking!!) natural Product that has been grown locally no matter where we travel in the world.


Our family and those close to us personally use the product and live by the philosophies that you see on our website, in our opinion there can be no greater endorsement.


We hope that you enjoy our website, and truly feel that the fact you have read this far means ­­we must be kindred spirits. We feel blessed to be able to share our knowledge and experiences with you and welcome any feedback that you have.


We are excited to invite you to the Earthy Living family, let us share it with you….


Bill and Ros