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Delicious, Nutritious and no nasty numbers - real food for real bodies!
$ 8.80
Product of Origin: Flour: Philippines Sugar: Indonesia Chip (Flakes): Philippines Fine: Philippines Shredded / Desiccated: Philippines Fine: Philippines
Niulife Organic Coconut Amino Sauce
$ 10.95
Add some flavour, hold the soy and MSG. Niulife's Organic Coconut Amino Sauce is a non-soy all purpose seasoning making...
Niulife Organic Coconut Balsamic Vinegar
$ 12.95
Organic Coconut Vinegar - Balsamic Style! Get your gourmet on and add a little Balsamic Vinegar to the menu and...
Niulife Organic Coconut Barbeque Sauce
$ 12.95
Most Barbeque sauces contain loads of sugars... sometimes even more than chocolate sauce... and don't forget the additives and preservatives!...
Niulife Organic Coconut Cider Vinegar
$ 9.95
Niulife Organic Coconut Cider Vinegar (250ml) Product Ingredients 100% Coconut Vinegar.
Niulife Organic Coconut Flour
$ 8.95
The low-carb, high-fibre, gluten-free alternative to wheat flour for baking and cooking. For gluten sensitive and health-conscious foodies who still...
Niulife Organic Coconut Sweet Chilli Sauce
$ 15.95
I love sweet chilli sauce, but I hate the sugar content. Now I don't have to worry. This delicious, organic...
Niulife Organic Coconut Syrup
$ 12.95
Niulife Organic Coconut Syrup (250ml) Product Ingredients Evaporated Coconut Blossom Nectar.
Niulife Organic Coconut Teriyaki Sauce
$ 12.95
Niulife Organic Coconut Teriyaki Sauce (250ml) Product Ingredients Organic coconut nectar, garlic, ginger, onion, cayenne pepper, sun-dried mineral-rich sea salt....
Niulife Organic Creamed Coconut Butter
$ 16.95
Niulife Organic Creamed Coconut Butter (500g) Product Ingredients 100% Pure Coconut.
Niulife Organic Desiccated Coconut
$ 7.95
Niulife Organic Desiccated Coconut (250g) Product Ingredients Organic Desiccated Coconut.
Niulife Organic Flaked Coconut
$ 7.95
Niulife Organic Flaked Coconut (200g) Product Ingredients Organic Flaked Coconut.
Niulife Organic Shredded Coconut
$ 7.95
Niulife Organic Shredded Coconut (250g) Product Ingredients Organic Shredded Coconut.
Organic Coconut
$ 9.90
Product of Origin: Shreds (Philippines): Philippines Flour (Philippines): Philippines Fine (Philippines): Philippines Chip (Philippines): Philippines
Power Super Foods Coconut Palm Sugar
$ 6.50
Sustainably Sweet Coconut Palm Sugar The Coconut Sugar Palm is known to many who inhabit the islands of Indonesia as...