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Delicious, Nutritious and no nasty numbers - real food for real bodies!
Karom 3 Pepper Blend (100g)
$ 8.95
This Three Pepper Blend is a tasty mixture of Paprika, fresh ground Black Pepper and Indian Chilli completed with 100%...
Karom Herb Salt (100g)
$ 8.95
If you're looking for special something to add to your dishes to elevate the flavour and bring out the best...
Karom Himalayan Salt
$ 6.95
Karom Himalayan Salt is a spectacular source of all of the 84 elements that are found inside the human body....
Karom Himalayan Salt Grinder (125g)
$ 8.95
Himalayan Salt contains all of the 84 elements that are found in the human body, ensuring its benefits to your...