Earthy Food: Superfoods

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So, what is a Superfood? Nutrient-packed foods viewed as healthy and beneficial for your overall well-being. In short - awesome!

Organic Cacao
$ 27.90
Product of Origin: Powder Raw (Peru): Peru Nibs (Peru): Peru
Power Super Foods - Cacao Gold Powder
$ 12.95
Cacao Powder is a well-kept secret that is ready to make a difference in your kitchen. Not only does this...
Power Super Foods - Cacao Powder
$ 5.95
This Raw Organic Cacao Powder is formulated to ensure that the antioxidants and nutritional value stay intact. While most companies...
Power Super Foods - Raw Cacao Butter Chunks
$ 14.95
One of the most amazing ‘nuts’ produced by Nature, Cacao (pronounced ka-kow) has been revered for centuries for good reason....