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We all want to indulge occasionally, so we offer the 'healthiest' delights we can, so you can snack without guilt :-D
Alter Eco Organic Classic Dark Truffles
$ 10.95
What makes Alter Eco Certified Organic Classic Dark Truffles so good? Is it the creamy, silky smooth centre or the...
Alter Eco Organic Salted Caramel Truffles
$ 10.95
hmmm... It's 3pm on a Thursday afternoon, you’re tired and you need a sugar fix. What to do? You want...
Alter Eco Organic Sea Salt Truffles
$ 10.95
You know how sometimes, you want something sweet, but you also fancy something savoury? Alter Eco Organic Sea Salt Truffles...
Alter Eco Organic Silk Velvet Truffles
$ 10.95
Just the name Silk Velvet is making my mouth water. How does something that is actually good for you taste...
Apricot & Coconut Slice
$ 74.30
Product of Origin: Fruit Snacks: Local And Imported
Apricot Delight
$ 14.90
Product of Origin: Fruit Snacks: Local And Imported
Apricot Logs
$ 114.40
Product of Origin: Fruit Snacks: Local And Imported
Ceres Organics Brown Rice Bites
$ 3.10
These Rice Bites grew from humble grains of organic brown rice into the wholesome bite-sized snacks. Baked, Not fried with...
Ceres Organics Coconut Smiles
$ 3.80
Take organically grown coconuts, cut them into thick chips, lightly season with certified organic coconut sugar and natural sea salt,...
GimMe Organic Premium Roasted Seaweed
$ 11.95
Seaweed!!! YUM, The kids with love these in their lunchboxes. It not only tastes great but it has the highest...
Gin Gins - Ginger Candy (The Ginger People) Sale
Gin Gins - Ginger Candy (The Ginger People)
$ 2.40 $ 2.15
These delightful candies are a great to take along with you wherever you go.  They not only taste delicious, Gin...
Organic Wildlife Biscuits - Byron Bay Cookie Company
$ 5.95
A perfect snack for the kids lunch boxes these Byron Bay Organic Cookies not only come in 3 amazing flavours...
Orgran Kids Itsy Bitsy Gingerbread
$ 6.00
Carefully crafted for sensitive tummies using all natural, gluten free and allergy friendly ingredients these tasty treats are perfect for...
Sesame Nut Squares
$ 18.90
Contains PeanutsProduct of Origin: Nuts & Seeds: Local And Imported
The Good Crisp Company
$ 1.95
Not only a good tasting snacks for kids and adults but it is also made with good ingredients as well....
Wasabi Peas
$ 13.80
Product of Origin: Beans: China