Earthing Auto Seat Mat


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Earthing Auto Seat Mat

Do you ever feel car sick?

Or feel exhausted after you have been driving for long periods of time?

The Earthing Auto Seat Mat neutralizes micro-electrical charges on the body by discharging the static electricity and lower frequency EMFs out of your body into the larger metal body of the car. Then when the tyres travel over a conductive surface the static and EMFs are Earthed back to the ground. Helps prevent car/motion sickness.

Scientific evidence now confirms static electricity builds up on the body in moving vehicles. It occurs as a result of vibration causing the clothes you wear to rub against the seat, and our bodies can build up a large positive charge from the electronic instruments on dash boards, as well as the engine. These actions can cause muscle tension and fatigue.

Connect the alligator clip end to a metal part of the seat frame. You can then put your feet on the mat or sit on the mat. You do not need bare skin contact with the mat, as the sweat from your body creates a channel of moisture and conductivity through the layers of clothes (pants, dress, shorts, etc) to the mat connected to the metal chassis. This product can also be used on an aeroplane to help reduce jet-lag.

Auto Seat Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Auto Seat Mat - 25 x 23 cm
  • 1 x Auto Seat Cord



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