Earthing Auto Seat Mat


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Premium Earthing Auto Seat Pad 

Do you ever feel car sick?

Or feel exhausted after you have been driving for long periods of time?

The Earthing Auto Seat Pads are convenient, easy to install and work in conjunction with your other earthing products.

While driving we build up static electricity and this is the thing that makes us feel car sick and lethargic.

So, is this really earthing?

In short, no, not in the same way as using other earthing products where free electrons are absorbed through the body from the earth's surface. 

What does it do then? 

When we are driving, our body's own electrical system is disrupted by the road vibrations, our own body movement in the car and the car's electrical system - our dashboard is a plethora of EMF's, these are not good for us. All of this can cause the build up of static electricity. Using an auto earthing pad you can slowly and comfortably release the static charges by 'grounding' yourself to the metal framework of the vehicle, via the earthing pad you sit on. 

This little product is a really economical way to try earthing for yourself.

Consider purchasing a pair of auto seat pads and an extra 'standard' earthing cable - used for earthing mats within the home. You can then use the auto seat pad in your home and you can see for yourself just how great you will feel when you are earthed!



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