Earthing Classic Pillow Cases


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Classic Pillow Cases

The Earthing Pillowcase is made from the same natural cotton and silver fibres as the Earthing sheets. Enjoy the Earth's gentle, natural, restorative energy while you sleep.

You'll wake up feeling revitalised and filled with energy to face the day. In fact, with the Earthing Pillowcase you'll sleep better, feel better and look better!

This Earthing Pillowcase is conductive on both sides, and measures 50cm by 80 cm. It is made of natural cotton and silver fibres, like the Earthing Sheets, so is soft and comfortable to use as your pillowcase. The benefits of using an Earthing Pillowcase include:

  • Wake up looking younger and rested 
  • Enjoy having more energy 
  • Minimise wrinkles 
  • Increase your metabolism 
  • Normalises circulation

    Classic - Single Pillow Case Kit Includes:

    • 1 x Classic Pillow Case
    • 1 x 6m Coil Cord
    • 1 x Australian Adapter Plug
    • 1 x Instructions

    Sleep Deep - Twin Pillow Case Kit Includes:

    • 2 x Classic Pillow Cases
    • 2 x 6m Coil Cord
    • 1 x Australian Adapter Plug (both cords can be plugged into one plug)
    • 1 x Instructions

      NOTE: Pillowcases should only be used with the Coil Cord.

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