9 Great Superfoods To Boost Your Diet

9 Great Superfoods To Boost Your Diet

A healthy lifestyle is one that strengthens your body with regular exercise and proper nutrition. What many folks don't realize is that there's an easy way to give your body an immense boost. If you're looking for a tasty way to take in lots of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and more, you're in luck. Superfoods are the way to go for giving yourself the best nutrition possible.

What are superfoods?

While conventional fruits and vegetables are excellent and belong in every diet, not everyone is familiar with nutrient-packed superfoods. These foods are special in that they provide an enormous range of benefits for your whole body. Your heart, skin, brain, stomach, and many other parts of your body use the compounds found in these foods to grow strong and fight disease. By adding these foods to your diet, you're giving your body the tools it needs to be healthy and live up to its full potential.

Universal benefits

Almost all superfoods contain vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants, nutrients that provide benefits like:

- Reducing the risk of heart disease
- Preventing the development of diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
- Promoting healthy bone growth and joint safety
- Boost the development of muscles
- Help with burning fat
- Clear, healthy skin

For specific benefits, you'll need certain superfoods that contain high levels of nutrients like omega-3 fatty acid, calcium, and more. Each compound has a strong impact on at least one of the above health benefits and may provide others as well. Without these essential nutrients, your body will have a harder time fighting against illnesses and the effects of aging. Your body uses these components to do things like repair cells, create energy, and destroy harmful bacteria. Here are some of the top superfoods to include in your diet.

1) Acai berries

One of the first superfoods on your list should be acai berries. These small berries provide an enormous nutritional benefit that can keep you feeling healthy and happy. The benefits provided by acai berries are numerous and help your whole body. Starting with the brain, acai berries improve mental functioning and reduce the impact of aging. Beyond the brain, these berries promote cellular health, reduce irritation, and promotes good digestion. Because Acai berries are high in antioxidants, they keep your skin healthy and glowing. Other chemicals found in these berries give your immune system a boost by strengthening cells.

Acai berries come from the tropical rainforests of the Amazon. If you'd like an alternative to plain berries, Amazonia Acai Powder offers all the health benefits of raw acai berries in a convenient powder form. Amazonia Acai Powder can be added to juices, smoothies, yogurt, and more to provide a healthy and tasty boost to your meal.

2) Cacao

Cacao is another excellent superfood to add to your diet. The cacao plant species includes cocoa, from with chocolate is produced. Don't get too excited - chocolate is a tasty treat, but the cacao is processed to make it lose most of its nutritional benefits. Common forms of processing actually destroy the vast majority of antioxidants found in the cacao beans. In its powder form, however, it can be added to a variety of foods and still retain its substantial benefits. Cacao powder includes substantial amounts of calcium, antioxidants, and many other valuable nutrients. The number of antioxidants found in cacao powder is an extraordinarily high amount. Antioxidants, in particular, reverse the damage called by stress and exposure to toxic chemicals. Research has also determined that cacao powder may help with the release of common "feel-good" chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

Cacao is harvested from Ecuadorian cacao trees. It can be processed into cocoa powder, butter, and chocolate. To incorporate cacao into your diet, try replacing cocoa powder with a product such as Power Super Foods Cacao Gold Powder. Adding Cacao Gold Powder to your desserts is an easy and delicious way to give yourself a variety of valuable nutrients.

3) Coconut oil

Few foods pack as much of a nutritional punch as the versatile coconut oil. Similar to acai berries, coconut oil improves memory and mental functions. It provides sustained energy after consumption. When taken alongside omega-3 fatty acids, it helps improve digestions and gut health by providing easy to digest vitamins and killing harmful bacteria. Coconut oil also helps fight heart disease and Alzheimer's. It also protects against stomach cancer and tumor cells by killing harmful bacteria and by depriving tumor cells of their source of energy. Some folks swear by the oral benefits of coconut oil because of its ability to eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth. Another appealing function of coconut oil is its ability to help you burn body fat and build muscle. 

Coconut oil can be found in grocery stores everywhere, but Niugini Organics offers a high-quality, organic, virgin coconut oil from Papua New Guinea that can be purchased online. This coconut oil comes in its most pure, raw form and is completely organic. Coconut oil can be used as a tasty and healthy substitute for a variety of oils in your cooking and baking. You can also add coconut oil to protein shakes and smoothies for an extra boost. By switching to coconut oil, you can provide yourself with an easy source of a variety of nutrients.

4) Blueberries

Another berry on the superfood list is the blueberry. Blueberries rock because of their high antioxidant content, along with potassium and vitamin C. If you suffer from a chronic illness that causes lots of inflammation, blueberries can help reduce the severity. The iron, magnesium, and zinc found in blueberries also help strengthen bone structure. Iron and zinc, in particular, keep your joints healthy and elastic. Because blueberries don't have sodium, they help lower blood pressure as well. Vitamin B6 is another key nutrient found in blueberries. This compound prevents the buildup of harmful compounds that harm blood vessels and devastate your heart. Like other superfoods, they also assist in weight loss and help lessen the effects of aging on the brain. Blueberries are a common offering in supermarkets everywhere. They're a delicious and healthy addition to smoothies and can be baked into muffins for a tasty treat.

5) Flaxseed oil

Another oil makes the super food list - flaxseed oil. Flaxseed oil comes from flax plant seeds. A large part of it is omega-3 fatty acid, a valuable compound used by cells throughout your body. By consuming flaxseed oil, and thus providing your cells with omega-3 fatty acid, cells are able to bolster their membranes. Flaxseed oil also helps you to burn body fat, grow healthy hair and nails, and lessens problems caused by menopause. 

Flaxseed oil, like coconut oil, can be used in many forms of cooking and baking. If you're in love with coconut oil and would prefer to get your flaxseed oil in a different form, it can be purchased as gel capsules as well. Planet Organic Certified Organic Australian Flaxseed Oil is an excellent brand to start with.

6) Matcha tea

You've likely heard of or tried one of the many teas on the market, such as green tea or black tea. A lesser known tea called matcha is a superfood. Matcha tea is a fantastic source of antioxidants and amino acids - in fact, some sources claim that it's hundreds of time more potent in antioxidants than comparable superfoods like various berries or spinach. It's specifically crafted to ensure that the maximum amount of nutrients remain throughout the whole process, from the time the leaves are dried to when you brew your cup of tea in the morning. A regular cup of matcha tea can help your body fight the damage caused by stress or illness by supplying your body with the vitamins it needs to build itself strongly. 

Matcha tea is the result of a laborious process that includes selected carefully grown tea leaves and drying only the youngest and most nutrient-rich. When buying matcha tea, you'll want to be sure that the suppliers uphold these high nutrition standards in their processing of the plant. Certified Organic Matcha Tea Powder (Ceremonial Grade) is the way to go when it comes to matcha tea. The powder can be used to make tea or added to other drinks like coffees and smoothies.

7) Maca root

Not to be confused with the similar-sounding matcha, maca is a root related to broccoli found in the mountains of Peru. It provides fertility benefits for both men and women and may improve sexual libido as well. Maca is especially helpful for women struggling with symptoms caused by menopause or hormonal imbalances, such as cramps, mood swings, and hot flashes. It also helps your skin fight problems like acne, especially if it's brought on by temperature. Maca is also notable for its ability to give you an energy boost that's sustainable and doesn't put an unnecessary or dangerous strain on your adrenal glands, unlike coffee or other energy boosters. Some also report that maca has helped alleviate their depression or anxiety.

Power Super Foods Maca Powder is the way to go for including maca in your diet. Maca powder is particularly good when including in drinks or smoothies. By adding maca powder to the foods you already eat, you can get a quick boost of energy in addition to many long term benefits.

8) Salmon

It's not fishy at all that salmon's on our superfood list. This fish is packed with beneficial nutrients such as vitamin B12, which supports your cardiovascular system, and vitamin D, which plays an important role in bone health and the strength of your immune system. The nutrients found in salmon also protect your cardiovascular system by preventing heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and other dangerous conditions. Because salmon is so rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it offers a myriad of benefits like protection against inflammation - which in term prevents other diseases and problems like chronic dry eye. The protein and amino acids found in salmon protect your joints and digestive tract in particular.

Wild-caught Alaskan salmon is usually the safest and most sustainable form of salmon available in markets. While some may be concerned about possible contaminants like mercury, the risk is minimal when salmon is consumed in normal portions. Salmon is best cooked so that it retains most of its moisture. Overcooking can cause it to become unpleasantly dry and may destroy some of the compounds it contains. 

9) Broccoli

Broccoli, the most dreaded part of every kid's dinner plate, is actually one of the best foods for the human body. Broccoli contains many of the same nutrients found in other foods on the list like omega-3 fatty acids and a few unique compounds of its own. For example, broccoli is particularly good at preventing inflammation because of the presences of isothiocyanates. ITCs, as they're called, have been found to help calm the body's inflammatory response. It also contains kaempferol, a compound that may calm the digestive system when it is irritated by an allergen. Broccoli also assists in detoxification and cancer prevention, according to some studies.

Broccoli is, unfortunately, one of the less versatile foods on this list, but it still has great potential to be delicious. Broccoli can be served steamed, or if you like a bit of crunch, baked until the edges are just starting to blacken. For folks who need a bit more flavor, try dipping it in your favorite salad dressing.

These superfoods are only a handful of the variety that exists. By incorporating these superfoods into your diet, you'll be boosting your health to a whole new level. Skin health, bone growth, heart disease prevention, brain protection, and many other benefits all come from foods like these. You don't even have to change your meals either.

Many superfoods can easily be added to your favorite smoothies, desserts, and recipes as they are. Don't wait to give yourself the vitamins and nutrients you need. Add some superfoods into your pantry by ordering from our selection of organic superfoods and enjoy a delicious new way to eat healthy.

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