How Earthing Sheets Can Help Improve Sleep

How Earthing Sheets Can Help Improve Sleep

Did you know that there is a simple way you can reduce stress and improve sleep? Like many people who try earthing sheets, you will most likely be surprised at how doing this one simple thing can help us keep our stress and cortisol levels in healthier ranges, which can help improve sleep and reduce inflammation.

Getting Yourself Grounded

Grounding is a newer concept, but seems to be catching fire among people who are looking for a better solution to improved health and wellness. Some in the biomedical field confirm that there is some science and data available to back grounding up and we suggest anyone interested in the subject to read this book to learn more about the benefits of earthing.

So how does it work? The theory behind grounding is for our bodies to come into contact with the Earth (or grounding source) on a consistent basis. To bring back a bit of grade 8 science for you, positive electrons (in the form of free radicals) build up in our bodies through our daily use of things like wi-fi and mobile phones, which are constantly exposing our bodies to electromagnetic waves. 

 Our body’s constant exposure to these electromagnetic waves has caused our bodies and cells to store high levels of electrical energy, which is why we have a such a high build up of positive electrons. Through having direct contact with the ground, we can help balance this out because grounding helps provide a negative grounding charge. Similar to the reason why power points are used to avoid excess positive charges, we too need the exact same grounding effect.

Grounding Used to Be Automatic

We know from looking at history that humans used to spend much of their time outdoors and were in direct contact with Earth (or soil) because they used to walk around barefoot, they did more gardening, or tilled their own soil. In one way or another, humans always touched the earth until recent years.

Humans now live in houses and stay indoors much more than we used to, we wear rubber shoes and have daily EMF exposure. It’s safe to say, we rarely come into contact with the ground at all anymore. Think about this: notice how you seem to sleep so well after a day of walking in the sand and swimming in the ocean? This is because sand and ocean water are both naturally conductive materials and they both help the body get rid of all those positive electrons we have built up. 

How You Can Try Earthing

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to ground yourself would be for you to walk barefoot outside on the beach where there are rocks, sand, and ocean water, if at all possible. If this isn’t an option for you, there is another alternative you can try and that’s through using earthing sheets or an earthing mat, which lets you do earthing while inside any building and even right in your own bed while you sleep.

When using the sheets, you need to make sure your skin is in direct contact with them as you sleep in order to get the full effect. Some people will experience the benefits of earthing immediately and for others it may take time. Generally, people report that their cortisol levels (stress hormones) improve, and that is more often than not what a person needs to finally get a good night’s sleep! The only way to know if earthing can help you is by giving it a try and buying your sheets from our online store.



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