Two Green Superfoods Your Kids Need Now

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Two Green Superfoods Your Kids Need Now

Green superfoods have a multitude of health benefits, but with so many different professionals claiming that you should “eat more of this and eat more of that,” it’s difficult to know which green foods to eat and which ones are more beneficial.

Modern diets and lifestyles don’t usually include green superfoods or very many healthy foods in general, often leaving kids to eat a lot of fast food and packaged food. While many parents are well intentioned, they may be setting their kids up for sicknesses and diseases, such as cancer in the future. 

How are we setting up our kids for a dismal future of health?

When we eat foods that have little to no nutrition, it’s just not sustainable for our bodies. Eventually, we develop digestive issues, our hormones don’t function properly, our energy levels are low, we experience stress and anxiety more often, our immune system is low, and many of us will experience unexplained weight gain as a result. If our kids don’t have a good start with nutrition, they will experience much of the above, possibly leading to much worse. 

Which greens are best?

There are two super green foods that most of us should incorporate into our diets to help cut down our risk of getting cancer or any other health issues, and they are chlorella and spirulina. Both of these foods are cancer fighters because they are extremely nutrient dense plant sources.

Research actually shows that regular use of chlorella helps protect your body from decay and disease by detoxifying your body from harmful pollutants found in our water, air, and foods, and also chemical pollutants found pretty much anywhere.

When taken together, both spirulina and chlorella have powerful immune boosting qualities that will kick cancer cells to the curb. Spirulina is a superior source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, protein, and healthy fatty acids. Through multiple studies, the Japanese have figured out that spirulina can give your immune system a boost and helps treat and prevent all cancers, and many of them use it on a daily basis.

Chlorella, a single-cell green algae, is full of wholesome nutrients. According to research, chlorella has the highest chlorophyll level per ounce compared with any other plant. It’s nearly 58% protein, packed full of B vitamins, vitamins C and E, contains nine essential amino acids, some rare trace minerals and enzymes. When it comes down to it, chlorophyll is amazing for health and immunity.

Spirulina is a blue-green alga. It grows in fresh water and sea water and is the most digestible natural source of high-quality of protein you can find on the planet. It’s also packed with cancer-fighting power.

Give your kids blue-green and green algae?

It’s pretty much out of the question. I can almost hear your kids saying, “EEEWW!!” And it’s most likely a nightmare trying to get them to eat the greens on their dinner plate as it is. How can you help your kids get these green superfoods into their diet? Try giving them a Bounce chocolate superfood shake! It’s 100% natural and contains both spirulina and chlorella, among other powerful superfoods, and kids love it! You can buy it right here and have it delivered to your home.


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