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Body Language - our line of body care products use real words with only real ingredients. Your body can breathe naturally :-)
Alaffia Fair Trade African Black Soap
$ 13.95
For beautifully soft skin with fragrances so delicious you could eat them, try Alaffia’s Authentic African Black Soap made from...
Alaffia Fair Trade Body Lotion
$ 19.95
Based on traditional recipes and natural ingredients, the range of deeply moisturising Alaffia Fair Trade Body Lotions are a treat...
Alaffia Fair Trade Body Wash
$ 19.95
Shower time is your personal relaxation time, and you can make it extra special with nourishing Coconut, Lavender, Vanilla Mint...
Alaffia Fair Trade Coconut Face Lotion (SPF15)
$ 14.95
Protect yourself from the natural elements the natural way. Massage into your neck and face the fast absorbing, broad spectrum...
Australia's Manuka Wound Care
$ 21.95
Australia's Manuka 20+ Active Jellybush Wound Care is not your ordinary honey, firstly you don't eat it - you apply it!...
Biologika Aluminium Free Deodorant (Pump-Action)
$ 11.95
Did you know that it is better to use a deodorant, rather than an antiperspirant? Some of the latest studies are...
Biologika Aluminium Free Deodorant (Roll-on)
$ 11.95
We are all becoming more aware of the reported detriments  to our health of using deodorants with aluminium in them....
Biologika Bug Another Insect Repellent
$ 11.95
Summer! Don't we just love it! But what do we hate about summer? Mosquitoes, midges, flies and bugs - yuk. So what...
Biologika Organic Coconut Hand & Body Wash
$ 7.95
Biologika knows that skin loves coconut oil and that's why they've enriched their hand and body wash with this wonderful...
Biologika Shave Gel New
Biologika Shave Gel
$ 11.95
Biologika believe in natural, healthy alternatives for your body. If you have looked at our website you will note that...
Schmidt's Shea Butter Deodorant (Vegan Friendly)
$ 14.95
I can't say I have ever raved about a deodorant before - after all we only use it so we don't...
Silver Care Antibacterial Toothbrush
$ 6.95
Silver Care Soft Antibacterial Toothbrush with Removable Head (Includes Spare Head). Now in two sensitivity options! Spare Head refill packs also available....