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Discover Earthing: Earthing Accessories

12m Earthing Extension Cord
40-foot (12m) Earthing extension cord can be used to enable usage of a ground rod on the second or third...
$ 35.00
3m Earthing Extension Cord
3m Earthing extension cord can be used to enable usage of a ground rod or to extend for use in...
$ 14.00
4.6m Earthing Straight Cord
15 foot (4.6m) straight cord for Earthing Sleep Systems & Universal Mat
$ 12.50
6m Earthing Coil Cord
20 foot (6m) coil cord for use with Earthing Band Kit, Bands and Patches
$ 14.00
Adjustable Earthing Foot & Wrist Body Band
An adjustable 20cm (8") Earthing Foot/Wrist Body Band is the ideal way to tap into the pain points in your...
$ 19.50
Adjustable Earthing Long Body Band
This new Body Band Long is adjustable with velcro (26-56cm) and contain conductive silver fibers on the inside that ground...
$ 25.99
Digital Multimeter - QM 1529 with Alligator Clips
Have you ever been curious as to just how much electricity is coursing through your veins on a daily basis? ...
$ 26.00
Earthing - The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (Book)
"Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?" by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D, and Martin Zucker. All the questions about Earthing...
$ 24.00
Earthing Accessories & Spares
The wonderful thing about our Earth is that it is pretty much the same wherever we live.  The downside of...
$ 2.15
Earthing Auto Seat Pad
Premium Earthing Auto Seat Pad  Do you ever feel car sick? Or feel exhausted after you have been driving for...
$ 36.00
Earthing Body Band Kit
Earthing Body Band Kit The Body Band Kit is designed to treat an injury pain, wound or area of acute...
$ 85.00
Earthing Continuity / Product Tester
 Earthing Continuity / Product Tester   Instructional Video: Please Note: Instructional video references US Standard Plugs/Adapters, however part ships with Australian...
$ 39.00
Earthing Double Fitted Sheet Kit
The Double Fitted Sheet Sleep Systems are natural colour 100% cotton sheets 140cmm x 200cm with a 40cm pocket,  containing...
$ 310.00
Earthing King Single Fitted Sheet Kit
The Single Extra Long Fitted Sheet is natural colour 100% cotton sheets (1.0m x 2.03m with a 40cm pocket) containing woven conductive silver...
$ 295.00
Earthing King Size Fitted Sheet Kit
The Earthing King Size Fitted Sleep Systems are natural color 100% cotton fitted sheets 180cm x 203cm with a 16"pocket...
$ 340.00
Earthing Patches & Pads
Earthing Patches Starter Kit & Refill Packs  The Earthing Patches Starter Kit and Refill Packs are for direct pain. The...
$ 35.00